A holistic approach to your wellness with Authentic Ayurveda.

Leading a lifestyle to keep body and mind in good health and balance, so that one could attain the goal of life- “Enlightenment” is the main philosophy of Ayurveda and Yoga.

Ayurveda is one of the oldest surviving holistic medical systems in the world. It offers a rich, comprehensive outlook to a healthy life; its origin is in the Vedas, which is known to be more than 5000 years old. Ayurveda describes the Vedic wisdom of how to live a healthy and peaceful life. Together with Yoga, Ayurveda gives a detailed blue print for a fulfilled life with its goal as realization of truth while enjoying the life to its fullest extent.

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Karmic Imprints or Authentic Ayurveda

If the Vasanas that come forth from the mind, like soldiers from within a fort, are then and there killed by the sword of the quest of the self, the mind is finally conquered. So long as one single vasana remains, good or bad, so long must we remain unrealized.

- Ramana Maharshi.

Ayurvedic science says:

Janmantara Kritam Papam Vyaadhi roopena badhate

Tat shantihi oushadhaihi daanaihi japa homa suraarchanaihi.

“Various Karmic imprints (vasana) accumulated during the sojourn of the soul manifests in various forms of diseases. To pacify, cure, one has to take medications, give charitable donations and practice various Mantras, Japas, Yajnas and worship god”.

At Indus Valley, we take a much deeper holistic approach to your wellness through our Authentic Ayurveda.

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What is Authentic Ayurveda?

Ayurveda has developed magnificent treatments for renewing body and deeply centering and settling the mind. When the mind is deeply centered and settled, the body will naturally heal faster and age slower.

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Our Karmic imprint is a bag, full of various actions performed in the past either in thought or deed. There are different types of charities required to wash out different types of Karma.

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Mantra is a Samskrit word meaning, “by constant repetition it will give the desired result” The other synonym is Japa.

Chikitsa means treatment. Mantra Chikitsa is a Vedic tradition inherent in Ayurveda as part of treating the disease at its Karmic root...

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The ancient sages prescribed Yajnyas (sometimes written as yagyas also) as an important part of Ayurved. These Vedic rituals were performed by special Purohits or priests who have been trained from a early age in the recitation of Sanskrit mantras.

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The God is a concept as the highest, omniscient and omnipotent. It is an individual’s choice to connect to his own inner Self. It is non religious and purely spiritual and individual.

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Simple and effective Ayurveda Treatment for Stress Management

stress management and ayurveda

Stress is the most common problem affecting us in our modern lifestyle. There are too many stress related diseases and stress related disorders. As a matter of fact stress as a biological response is the root cause of disease.

It has become a common prefix to many diseases such as stress and diabetes, stress and cardiovascular diseases, stress and cancer, stress and backache, stress and social anxiety, stress and crime, stress and divorce and the list goes on and on. No part of our society or life is as much afflicted as STRESS.

Where does stress come from and where does stress build up? Stress comes as a biological response to our environment we live in and the first place its build up is in the lungs and expresses over the upper back and shoulder areas. If one starts hurting in the upper back and neck areas, it signals the alarm of spill over from the lungs.

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Hair care treatments in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic treatment for white hair is natural and simple. Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. This gives you adequate supply of natural minerals and vitamins. You may also try simple and easy home remedies for white hair.

There are several reasons why hair loss in women occurs. A thorough understanding of this subject with various types and causes will give better clarity to tackle the particular type of hair loss you are suffering.

Pathophysiology of hair loss: It is only natural we all love our luscious, beautiful silky hair. Finding a solution for hair loss has never been easy. Research shows that nearly 80% of the hair loss occurs at the root and also sometimes loss occurs at the temples in women.

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